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Custom DataSource

The source for this example is in the view and is similar to the earlier Home "Primitive Lists" example except that it uses custom Sport data from a custom Xml (or JSON) file. "XmlSeedSourcePlus.xml" is based on the default source xml, but with the addition of some extra data such as "Descriptions" and "Sports".

For either complex types or primitive types like this, string fields will generate random data matching the property name (ie: "Sport", not the plural) that is being populated by default. If the property name does not exactly match the data from the source file, a custom Rule can be created that can explicitly name the field.

The default XML datasource file to download (and modify).

The default JSON datasource file to download (and modify).

If you are going to keep the existing default rules such as "StateName", "FirstName", etc. in your Rules collection, it is generally better to only add to or modify the existing data, rather than deleting it. If you do delete the source data for an existing Rule, it should not throw an error, but will be very generic data like 'StateName1' or 'FirstName1'.


Customizing the Generator

This example is more advanced and has several things going on besides just using the "XmlSeedSourcePlus.xml" source file. It has 5 custom rules, which show off a few interesting things.

One is that it uses the custom Description data. If you look closely at the Sports example above, you will notice that "Rugby" and "Bicycling" are repeated twice. This is because the data is selected from the source "Randomly" using a method Funcs.GetElementRandom() If we want this list to be sequential, we can use a similar method called Funcs.GetElementNext() as we are doing for the "Description" Rule. This will take the first item from the source, then go to next, etc. looping back to front when it gets to the end.

You might notice that the xml source first element for Description is "It was kinda big" but the first item displayed on the page is "Bumpy". This would not seem to make sense until you realize that the determining number for the ordinal is the current RowNumber, which is 100 and "Bumpy" is the hundredth item in the list. Funcs.GetElementNext() does have an optional OffSet parameter so that you can shift the list without having to depend on the RowNumber.

Another interesting feature is that we are generating a list of Seeded Items that are then stored in the generator.Cache. This is a place to put generated data that can then be accessed by a Rule. The Products Rule is doing just that and is populating a sequential list from the generator.Cache.Items. Funcs.GetCacheItemsNext works similar to Funcs.GetElementNext() except it works at the object level and returns a sequential list of items. Note that the list of Items is always the same as it is pulled from the cache and will alway be unique it the number requested is less or equal to the number number in the source list. More on this in the 25,000 Rows example.

Finally, we are generating a "SelectedProduct" in the Example object that is populated by a Random number from 0 to 10 and this is what is being used to populate the selected product in the Products dropdown.

Id Company City State CEO NetWorth Products Description CompanyGuid
100 Next Co Oakleaf GA Collins $139.55M Square, man 54f931a0-3457-8ab6-6224-8aa04175913e
101 Primo Co Pinetown VT John Smith $550.67M Smelly but good e9ce673c-02ad-456e-0107-df6eff29f370
102 Tyrell Washington MT Patricia Johnson $671.91M Awful 9df61b4b-d5d8-38ef-3543-60e298309968
103 Oscorp Greenville NY Michael Williams $804.51M Rich! 90bd1269-0b95-e78f-c1f8-5fda7a1efebd
104 Acme Co Kingston AL Susan Jones $346.52M Who knows d2578136-63d9-99b5-cad8-25cab18dd77a
105 More Co Oakleaf AR William Brown $150.93M Bumpy 0ecd1b54-ca2f-ef87-b9da-c592c03e5848
106 City Inc WestLake PA Mary Davis $48.37M Angular b23c0acb-9db5-f62a-3a95-245ae5ec642e
107 Stark Westmoor AL Robert Miller $138.96M Complicated 1ae50ea5-1291-23a3-7eea-892d3494b888
108 Umbrella Corp Franklin ND Sarah Wilson $703.47M Angular 1aec04dd-1979-de90-7fd2-263933509939
109 More Brighton CO Peter Moore $902.70M Transparent 98a55d7e-ff0d-4cf0-388a-b7dc62066644
110 Wonka Industries Eastdale OH Ann Taylor $65.64M Sunny and bright 4bce7ccb-9b36-82dc-e0fa-5009bb77d5f6
111 Umbrella Franklin ID Roger Anderson $397.28M Squishy 7b7a2b2d-2196-e06b-27f1-2c2ac9db12a3
112 Stark Inc York HI Theresa Thomas $274.48M Light purple 2b379c60-906a-7467-7cdf-5e7484dc4cfa
113 CyberGlobe Corp Peachtree VT Ethan Jackson $684.89M Yellow, definitely yellow ab9205c9-665c-4f83-04a0-d25e4cd6f203
114 Nakatomi Co Oakleaf NY Crystal White $167.43M Hairy and green ed8182f7-8c8a-ab69-0deb-848efc5aaef7
115 Stark Co Gotham AZ Phillip Harris $350.10M Midnight blue 7186dd76-935d-dcb1-65cc-1465cebade03

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