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Show All Rules

One of the properties of IDataSource is the Rules collection. As this property collection is public, it is alway possible to output a list of all the current active rules. Each rule displays name, description (if available), type it matches, and property name it matches (if specified).

This list is the default for the MultiDataSource. Keep in mind that order does matter as rules are always applied last to first.

Name Description If Type Is... If Propery Name Matches...
Bool Returns alternating true & false. System.Boolean Any
Int Returns RowNumber System.Int32 Any
Long Returns RowNumber System.Int64 Any
Double Returns RowNumber System.Double Any
Decimal Returns RowNumber System.Decimal Any
Guid Returns a Guid System.Guid Any
Bool? Returns alternating true & false (1 in 6 NULL) System.Nullable`1[System.Boolean] Any
Int? Returns RowNumber (1 in 6 NULL) System.Nullable`1[System.Int32] Any
Long? Returns RowNumber (1 in 6 NULL) System.Nullable`1[System.Int64] Any
Double? Returns RowNumber (1 in 6 NULL) System.Nullable`1[System.Double] Any
Decimal? Returns RowNumber (1 in 6 NULL) System.Nullable`1[System.Decimal] Any
String Random string from data or default System.String Any
FirstName Random firstName System.String %firstname%,%givenname%
LastName Random lastname System.String %lastname%,%surname%
FullName Random fullName System.String %fullname%
User Random username System.String %user%
Address Random address System.String %address%
City Random city System.String %city%
County Random county System.String %county%
State Random state System.String %state%
StateName Random state name System.String %statename%
Country Random country System.String %country%
Zip Random zip System.String %zip%
Fee/Tax Random fee/tax System.Decimal %fee%,%tax%
Cost/Price Random cost/price System.Decimal %cost%,%price%,%worth%
Company/Business Random company/business System.String %company%,%business%,%account%
Product/Item Random product/item System.String %product%,%item%
Email Random email System.String %email%
RowRandomNumber Random number System.Int32 %random%
Phone/Cell/Mobile/Fax Random phone/cell/mobile/fax System.String %phone%,%cell%,%mobile%,%fax%
DateTime Random DateTime base +/- 2yr by hour System.DateTime Any
DateTime? Random DateTime? base +/- 2yr by hour System.Nullable`1[System.DateTime] Any
Text/Note/Lorem Random lorem text paragraph System.String %text%,%note%,%lorem%
RandomBodyCopy Random copy list System.Collections.Generic.IList`1[System.String] %body%,%copy%

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